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I am sure that many of you have experienced a period in your dancing career during which it was difficult to find a job even though you have attended many auditions and did everything you could. Also, it might be difficult to decide what the best next step is at a certain point in your life. I remember this feeling very well from my own experience.

Right after finishing the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and gaining my Bachelor degree I attended many auditions before I could participate in only short term projects. Although I did learn a lot during these projects and enjoyed doing them, my wish was to have found a fixed opportunity within a company. At that point I could and would, really have used a professional agency that exactly understood what I was going through however, there was none. After a while I unfortunately decided to stop dancing but I have never stopped loving it.

In the past years I gained experience in many work fields and learned that besides dance, I also love the HR and recruitment field. Combining those two together, I have found the way to combine passion and experiences; I feel it is time for a professional agency that is here to assist you with your dancing career.

Dance Recruitment wishes you lots of joy in your dancing careers!

Bianca Peranic
Dance Recruitment

For all dancers:

  • No enrollment fee - At the point of being offered an employment contract, no matter what the duration is, we help you negotiate for the best possible offer you may receive.
  • In case you experience difficulties with organizing your cv, Dance Recruitment is able to assist you with this against a small price. We will create your cv in consultation with you and you will be able to pick from different lay outs.
  • In case you need pictures to complete your profile, we are able to help you find a photographer.

Students, graduates and starting professionals:

Are you ready for your first job after graduating or have you followed many professional classes and are you well prepared for your first big challenge? We know how difficult it is to make your entrance into the professional dance world. We offer you the advice to help you make the right choice and guide you in the right direction.


You already have a few years of experience and now feel ready to move to your next career challenge. This might be a step up but also a change as to what you used to do up till now. Based on your wishes and experience, we will put you in contact with our contacts and open doors to your new job.


Are you a specialist? Do you have many years of experience in different work areas and the knowledge and capacities that lead to success? We help and guide you towards a new challenge where you are the main choreographer of your career.

There are probably many other services we can assist you with. Of course you can always contact us for any questions you may have.



For more information contact us on +31-(0)6-21715151 | info@dancerecruitment.com
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